TFC Online Workshop by The Foot Collective

TFC Online Workshop

2 hour hands on session to learn about restoring and rewiring your feet and hips.
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We want everyone to finish this course with a better understanding of how the foot connects with the hip and why we run into so many issues with our feet and ankles.

 If you have issues at the feet, ankles, or hips, we want to equip you with the go-to mobilizations that seem to be effective for us and our patients that you can start to work on immediately or help others to do the same. 

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The Workshop 1.0 is designed to deliver a practical understanding of:

  • Consequences of poor footwear 
  • Features of optimal footwear
  • Why they are an important body part 
  • Foot dysfunction
  • Moving away from orthotics
  • Restoring your feet
  • Restoring a strong arch
  • Consequences of sitting
  • How your hips control your feet
  • Restoring and maintaining functional hip mobility
  • Key hip mobilizations and programming them
  • Training hip stability

"Immediate Takeaways"

It's applicable to everyone - everyone can access the information and there are immediate takeaways that you can incorporate the next day.
Andy Harwood, Melbourne

What's included?

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Workshop 1.0
(2h 00m 25s)
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  • Workshop goals
  • Foot Dysfunction
  • Our approach
  • The Protect, Correct, & Develop System


  • Anatomy
  • Sensor, foundation
  • Restoring your feet
  • Hardware
  • Hip torque & the arch
  • Software: Short foot


  • Anatomy
  • Hip dysfunction
  • Restoring your hips
  • Sitting: optional vs. non-optional
  • Hardware, software
  • Extension: Couch, high knee holds
  • Rotation: 90/90, SL rotation control
  • Abduction: Frog, sodekick control


  • Footwear
  • Orthotics
  • Beam Training

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Workshop 1.0