TFC Online Seminar by The Foot Collective

TFC Online Seminar

Everything we've learned over the past 4 years covered in the span of 6 hours.
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The foot is a wonderfully impressive structure of the human body...

And yet for so many is misunderstood, mistreated and eventually becomes problematic. Our goal with TFC Seminars is to deliver a practical understanding of the importance of our feet, why they become problematic, how to restore them, how to strengthen them, and how to maintain function long term through optimal footwear and lifestyle choices. The Seminar online course has lifetime access so you can go through them at your own pace whenever you have the time. 

What's included?

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Block 1 | Introduction
(1h 16m 31s)
Block 2 | Feet
(1h 22m 16s)
Block 3 | Hips
(1h 22m 36s)
Block 4 | Locomotion
46 mins
Block 5 | Training
43 mins
TFC Seminar Manual (online).pdf
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Block 1: Introduction

Why feet matter 
  • Sensor to guide optimal movement
  • Foundation
  • Linchpin bodypart
  • Low hanging fruit for performance
  • Effect on gait 
  • Under constant attack 
Predictor of injury 
  • A glimpse into hip function
  • Where posture starts......and ends 
  • Compensatory movement
  • Stability indicator 
Treatment vs. Prevention 
  • Palliative “sick care” system
  • Root cause approach
  • Fixing the movement not the body-part 
The footwear problem 
  • Modern shoes: Not built for human feet
  • Myths, big footwear company marketing
  • Rigid, narrow toebox, heel lift, cushioning, support
  • Fashion vs. Function
  • Switching to “human” shoes
  • Look for: Flexible, flat, thin, wide (protect your foot, that’s it) 
  • Demo: Toga, finger interlace, splay, toe activation 
Pain Science 
  • What is pain?
  • Poorly understood
  • Proper use of the signal
  • A guide when building tissue tolerance
  • Demo: Movement - foot & hip warmup 

Block 2: Feet

Foot core
  • Muscles
  • Role
  • Demo: Foot scan (foot posture, toe alignment, arch, calluses), hip torque 
Current treatment 
  • Treating symptoms not the cause further stiffens and weakens the foot
  • Neckbrace for the feet
  • Isolation vs integration
  • S.A.I.D principle
  • Lack of quality research to support use 
  • Hardware
  • Joint mobility = muscle activity
  • Foot, ankle
  • Role of tissue work: reset muscles, get to the joint 
  • Lacrosse plantar release
  • Midfoot articulation
  • Calf reset
  • DF mobs: kneeling, squat, mod pistol (cossack) 
  • PF sit on heels, anterior shin reset/cleanup 
  • Big toe active mobs  
  • Sit on heels, kneel to squat 
  • Start using your feet
  • Use the new mobility/muscle function
  • Spend time barefoot
  • Rewire hip/foot connection 
  • Demo: short foot (aka doming), 5 sec holds, partner ball tosses 

Block 3: Hips

Hip dysfunction 
  • Root cause of problems downstream 
  • Imbalances from time spent in chairs
  • Loss of mobility = loss of stability
  • Effects on low back, knee, ankle, foot
  • Creates patterned quad dominance 
  • Positional inhibition of key muscles 
Key points 
  • Pelvic position + joint mobility
  • Hip stabilizers protect your ankle
  • Hip mobility: use it or lose it 
  • Demo: FABER Ax: 2 first widths from floor, symmetry, pelvic position correct 
  • Move & Mobilize Demo 
  • Position vs. Movement 
  • Tempo squat 

"Foot and hip pain improving"

The seminar is my first time receiving the information provided. I am not in health care or a trainer, I am homemaker and very active. Using the simple principles, knowledge and exercises I have felt improvement in my foot and hip pain. The simplicity in the information and seminar teaching was helpful for a first timer.
Linda LaCapria, Boston

Block 4: Locomotion

  • Effects of sitting + footwear on walking
  • Optimal walking requires hip extension and ankle dorsiflexion 
  • Conscious walking
  • Hip, ankle, big toe 
  • Wall hip rocking
  • Soft walking
  • Glute drive walk
  • Power walk 
  • Running injury epidemic
  •  Movement quality issue
  •  Hardware requirements
  •  Effects of footwear, heel strike
  •  Shifting away from cushioning
  • Strength & stability requirements
  • Using your springs 
  • Pendulum motion, land under your body
  • 50% elastic, 50% muscular 
  • SL stability: pose position
  • Spring tuning 

Block 5: Training

  • Every workout is a foot (and spine) workout 
  • Stability before power/strength 
  • Barefoot, active feet
  • Prioritize movement quality
  • Exercise vs. Movement
  • Move well THEN move often 
Categories + Demo 
  • Reactive hip stability 
  • Balance: A feedback loop
  • The value of beam work
  •  Hip screen
  •  Brain training 
  • DEMO: SL, inline, walking, 180, ninja
  • Loaded positional stability & strength 
  • Adapting to change
  • Challenging + integrating the foot & hip DEMO: KB switches, halo’s, carries
  • DEMO: SL perturbations: Matrix, Statue 
  • Coordination & body awareness 
  • DEMO: Boxing patterns, 2 step rotation