Mike Gauvreau, BSc, MPT

Mike grew up in Ottawa and completed an honours BSc in Biology at the University of Ottawa in 2010.  He then went on to graduate with a Masters of Physical Therapy at Western University in 2013. He has an extensive background in competitive hockey and soccer, and currently has a passion for strength training and human movement. His style of treatment incorporates best practices from physical therapy and a variety of other movement and strength disciplines. In addition to his manual therapy skills, his treatment emphasizes movement re-education, functional strengthening, and attaining better overall health and fitness.

Nick St. Louis, BSc, MPT

Nick is the founder and Lead Foot Nerd at TFC. He obtained a Masters of Physical Therapy from Western University and his current obsession is with researching every pillar of health to discover the truths that science has to offer. He now spends less time in clinic and has devoted his days to weaving together a global tribe of people on a mission to collectively solve the health crisis by inspiring and empowering the individual to take back control of their bodies.